TENS compatible accessories

These units are available with connectors compatible with 2.0mm female TENS connectors.

Each ear clip is sold separately!

Difference between the Gold ear clip and the Ag/AgCl ear clip:

The gold ear clip is a good choice when you are using for one person. You can clean it between each use.

The Ag/AgCl ear clip is good when you are using the ear clip for multiple people. After each person, you can remove the electrodes (the round gray part), dispose of the electrodes and replace with new ones.

Gold is well known for its conductive and non-reactive properties, which makes it a good plating material for electrodes. Ag/AgCl (“silver silver-chloride”) is a silver coating that is dipped in a chloride solution. This process makes the silver more stable, and is an excellent conductor for use on the skin. It is a popular conductive coating for EEG and ECG/EKG uses. Most disposable electrodes you use in a metal setting, if the part contacting the skin is dark gray, it usually has a Ag/AgCl coating.

When you see visible corrosion on the Ag/AgCl part, it is time to replace it.

Ear clips (and replacement electrodes)

Wrist Straps

Self-Adhesive Electrodes

These electrodes are self-adhesive and are for single use only. They have a standard snap connector.

Snap leads

These connect to electrodes that have snap leads.

Electrode Gel

Some like to use electrode gel to increase conductivity between the skin and the electrode. Please note: we do NOT recommend using electrode gel with any wristbands, they already have a large conductive area contacting the skin, and it will make a mess.