Disposable / Reusable Wet EEG Electrode [TDE-201]

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Disposable/reusable Wet Electrode.


This disposable/reusable Wet EEG Electrode can also be used for other parameters such as EMG, ECG or EOG.  It is used with the TDE-207XX Lead Wire.

Diameter at the bottom is 13/32". Top diameter is 1/4".

There is a narrower notch just below the top, for the electrode cable to snap into. That notch is 7/32" in diameter.

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Quantities available:

  • ($1.00) 1 electrode

  • ($7.00) 10 electrodes

  • ($10.00) 15 electrodes

  • ($17.30) 25 electrodes

  • ($59.95) 100 electrodes