TDE-430 Silver-Silver Chloride Ear Clip Electrode (ONE EAR CLIP)

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TDE-430 Silver-Silver Chloride Ear Clip Electrode

This unit consists of a plastic ear clip with a lead terminating in your choice of a MedSafe™ DIN connector, or an openBCI compatible 1mm square connector, or a 2.0mm female TENS compatible connector. The ear clip has conductive contacts on both the front and the back, to maximize contact.

Several lead lengths available:


    • 18" (45 cm) length


    • 37" (99 cm) length


    • 48" (122 cm) length


    • 60" (152 cm) length

The AgCl sensor should be replaced after 25 to 50 uses.  2 replacements are included. Additional replacements are available here.

We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Our clips carry a 30 day warranty against defects in manufacture. Contact us to return the item for repair or replacement.