TD-432 Galvanic Skin Response finger wraps, set of 2, with cables, silver-silver chloride

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TD-432 Galvanic Skin Response Kit

Size (WxL): 1" x 3” (two strips, plus two cables)

Galvanic Skin Response is a tool for a basic “Lie Detector”. In theory, when a person is stressed, their skin conductance decreases. This can be measured, by placing sensors on 2 fingers. 


This kit contains two finger sensors, with snap attachments.

You wrap the sensors around separate fingers, one on each finger. Ensure the silver “conductive” part is touching the finger, and the snap on the outside. Then you connect a snap lead to the snap, and plug the other end into your measurement device, such as an Arduino. 

With this, you will be able to measure the difference in electrical potential between the two fingers.  

NOTE: ENSURE YOUR BODY IS ISOLATED FROM THE WALL CURRENT, FOR SAFETY!! This means, if you use an Arduino, power it with a battery pack.  If you plug the Arduino into a computer, ensure it is a laptop and it is unplugged from the wall. You don’t want to have any possible way, for the wall current to sneak through your computer & Arduino, into your body. 


Details: Finger sensors attach with Velcro-type hook & loop fastener. The lead wires are offered by default with a 1.0mm square connector that can be plugged into an (electrically isolated) Arduino, or an OpenBCI board. 

You can also choose from two other connector types. MedSafe™ DIN connector, 2.0mm female TENS/ Healy device compatible connector.

Silver-silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) is valued for biomedical measurements due to its high conductivity and stability over time. This strap has a Ag/AgCl coating on the contact point, to maximize its conductivity.