TDE-205XX Flat Snap Lead Wire


Flat snap lead wire with color options.

5 colors to choose from: Black, Brown, Red, White, Green.

3 lead lengths are available: 60″ (152cm), 48″ (122cm), 18″ (45cm). 

Default connector is Safety Jack. An OpenBCI connector is also available.



These are standard snap leads, to connect to electrodes. Please choose your preferred connector and length.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Periwinkle, Royal Blue, Black, Gray, Orange, Red, White, Green, Brown

Lead Length

18" (45cm), 37" (99cm), 48" (122 cm), 60" (152cm)

Connector type

1.5mm TouchSafe Connector (default), 1mm OpenBCI connector, 2mm female TENS connector