myDAQ Shield for Arduino FRI-2110-1A


The FRI-2110-1A myDAQ Shield for Arduino makes it possible to connect over 100 existing shields for Arduino to the NI myDAQ.

The FRI-2100-1A allows many connection possibilities between the myDAQ inputs/outputs, and Arduino/shields. It has breakout holes for the myDAQ, Arduino, and also has a convenient protoboard area for through-hole components, breakout for DIL08-DIL24 sized components, several SMD 0805 breakout pads, and a silkscreened area for an LED and its resistor.

In addition, it includes built-in power circuitry. The Arduino can operate from the myDAQ’s power directly without requiring USB power to the Arduino, or an external power supply. Power is controlled by a slider switch and status shown by an LED indicator.  If external power does happen to be attached to the Arduino, protection circuitry prevents power from backfeeding into the myDAQ.

With the FRI-2110-1A, now you can capture/transmit with a myDAQ, any data you can get from a shield for Arduino.

Note: The FRI-2110-1A requires the FRI-2100-1A to connect to myDAQ, and the Arduino Headers Set. An Arduino is not included, but is recommended. For your convenience, we also sell Arduinos and are an official distributor.

Optional accessories: Arduino Uno rev3, FRI-2100-1A myDAQ BNC Adapter for x10 probes plus Arduino Headers Set.


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