ECG Physiological Amplifier Package [FRI-2130-07AP]



Package of ECG Physiological Amplifier with 3 snap clip lead wires (red, white, and green), 30 square cloth electrodes, and 10 electrode prep pads.

Research grade ECG physiological amplifier with standard safety jacks for the electrode cables.

This amplifier is not isolated, if you are monitoring a human subject this amplifier should not be connected to an earth grounded device. For example, if you are inputting to a computer the power cord should be disconnected and the computer should be run off its battery.

Physiological Amplifier Specifications

FRI-2130-07A ECG Physiological Amplifier
Frequency: .1 Hz – 150 Hz
Gain: 1,000 (1 milivolt yields 1 volt)

Noise: Less Than 1 microvolt RMS
60 Hz Notch Filter
Input Impedance: Greater Than 1 megaohm
Output Connector: BNC
Input Electrodes: Safety Jacks
Batteries Included: 4 AAA
Output level +/- 1 Volt