ECG Physiological Amplifier [FRI-2130-07A]



Research grade ECG physiological amplifier with standard safety jacks for the electrode cables.

This amplifier is not isolated, if you are monitoring a human subject this amplifier should not be connected to an earth grounded device. For example, if you are inputting to a computer the power cord should be disconnected and the computer should be run off its battery.

Physiological Amplifier Specifications

FRI-2130-07A ECG Physiological Amplifier
Frequency: .1 Hz – 150 Hz
Gain: 1,000 (1 milivolt yields 1 volt)

Noise: Less Than 1 microvolt RMS
60 Hz Notch Filter
Input Impedance: Greater Than 1 megaohm
Output Connector: BNC
Input Electrodes: Safety Jacks
Batteries Included: 4 AAA
Output level +/- 1 Volt