About Us

Supplies For Physiological Measurement

Florida Research Instruments, Inc. is a biomedical research and development company.  We do design and consulting in the behavioral pharmaceutical and biofeedback areas.

Florida Research Instruments, Inc. was incorporated in Florida in 2009 by Karl R. Zurn who serves as its president. It is part of the Zurn, Herrera, and Garibay Family Companies. These consist of MED Associates, Inc., Catamount Research and Development, Living Systems Instrumentation, and Razel ® Scientific Instruments, Inc.

NEW! As of October 2020, our TENS-compatible supplies are moving onto their own website. Check out https://www.beachsidesensors.com We hope this will be more convenient for our customers looking for TENS-terminated devices, so they can find them all in one spot. Please update your bookmarks and the links you forward to others.

FRI is located in Cocoa Beach, Florida.